More About Consultative Music Therapy 

You're probably wondering: what exactly does "consultative music therapy services" mean? Good question. Let's begin by defining "direct music therapy services". This involves the therapist providing one-on-one or group music therapy sessions on a regular (usually weekly) basis, as well as supplying materials and resources for the client(s). Direct MT services require the therapist and client to be close in proximity and the time and availability to meet regularly.

Consultative services do not require geographical proximity or face-to-face contact. Although direct service is the preferred means of delivering music therapy, it is not always feasible. Many cities do not have music therapists, or those music therapists are not able to take on additional clients. Also, parents/caregivers may find it difficult to transport children to music therapy sessions outside of the home. That is where consultative services comes in.

What do consultative services entail? This will vary, as no child has the same needs as any other child. Goals, level of functioning, interests and special considerations all play a role in developing a consultative music therapy program. Here are just a few examples of consultative music therapy services available:
  • Unique songs written for a child to address specific goals and objectives.
  • Adaptation of existing songs to address specific goals and objectives.
  • Music chosen specifically for relaxation, based on the child's needs and preferences.
  • Adapted written music/supplemental resources for learning an instrument.
  • Recommended books, resources and websites.
  • Recreational music activities and listening.
  • Music to enhance current activities or programming at home or school.
  • Music listening, activities, and/or performances for daycares and schools.
  • Music listening, activities, and/or performances for birthday parties.
  • Instructions for delivery of music activities by parents, teachers, and other professionals.
  • Live therapist/caregiver conferences via Skype.
  • Live lessons/conversations between therapist and child via Skype.
Music Therapy Connections will offer an initial consultation by phone or Skype to parents/caregivers/teachers, at which time the needs and goals of the child or student(s) are discussed. A consultative music therapy program will be outlined during this conversation, and the plan will be written up and sent electronically for the parent/caregiver/teacher's approval.

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Still need more information? Read Frequently Asked Questions, and please feel free to direct additional questions to Rachel. She can give you a better idea as to whether consultative music therapy services can benefit your child or student.