Description of Services

Music Therapy Connections offers voice, piano, and guitar lessons in addition to direct and consultative music therapy. Read about each service below, and for more information or to reserve your spot, contact Rachel.

Voice Lessons

Whether your child shows signs of being a Broadway star or just likes to sing along with the radio, voice lessons are a wonderful way to harbor his or her musical interest. Singing is one of the highest forms of self-expression and creativity; pursuing voice training can boost a child's self-esteem and confidence which affects all areas of his or her life.

Voice lessons are available to students as young as 5. For the younger student, skills such as basic music theory , rhythm, and melody are addressed through repertoire that is age-appropriate. The goal is for the student to enjoy learning to sing! It should never feel like a chore.

For the more advanced student, emphasis is placed on breathing technique, vocal placement, and stage presence. Music genres include Disney, Broadway, Pop, and an introduction to Classical. Students are encouraged to choose their own repertoire (within the instructor's guidelines), as they are more likely to be motivated to practice a song if it is something they really like. Voice lessons are meant to augment any training the student is receiving at school, as well as prepare the student for auditions, performances, and vocal competitions.

Voice lessons are thirty minutes per week, at a cost of $20. This does not include the cost of repertoire that students may be responsible for purchasing in certain circumstances (though most of the time, it is provided by Rachel).

Piano Lessons

There is a good chance that at some point in your childhood, you took a piano lesson or two...or 300, like me. And even though I stuck with it for so many years, I didn't always love playing the piano. It wasn't until I was a junior in high school that I saw the piano as a hobby, a form of enjoyment, rather than a chore. I keep this in mind every time I teach a piano lesson now, in the hopes that my students will find the fun in playing from day one.

It is recommended that children begin piano study at the age of 6. I use the Bastien series of piano lesson books, beginning with primer level and working all the way through Level 4. Not only are students assigned songs and exercises weekly, but they also complete assignments in a corresponding theory book. Students are encouraged to request songs that they'd like to learn, as favorite pieces are likely to inspire extra practice time.

Piano lessons are thirty minutes in length weekly and cost $20. Parents are responsible for reimbursing me for the cost of lesson books, which I order as needed. These book usually cost no more than $7 each. I will give advance notice and provide a receipt when reimbursement is due.

Guitar Lessons

The guitar has always been a popular instrument, but it is even moreso now than ever before, thanks to the growing number of singer/songwriter/guitarists on the music scene. John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, and other young musicians are inspiring students of all ages to take up the acoustic guitar.

Guitar lessons are available to students ages 10 and older. The overall goal is for the student to be able to accompany him/herself while singing, or to accompany other singers or instrumentalists. Lessons are focused around learning first position chords, strum patterns, and note reading.

For a thirty minute lesson, the cost is $20. Parents may be asked to provide books and sheet music, depending on the student's preferences.

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